Rebecca & Fiona – We are waiting

Rebecca & Fiona
We are waiting

Role: Creative & Designer
Agency: Universal Music / Creative Labs

Rebecca and Fiona is a Grammy winning electro pop duo from Sweden. To create buzz for their upcoming album Beauty is pain, Rebecca and Fiona teamed up with Adidas Stockholm. The idea was to transform Adidas flagship store into an interactive meet and greet with Rebecca and Fiona fans from all over the world.

By connecting with Facebook on the campaign site people could help unlocking 3 unreleased songs as well as get shown on the Adidas storefront on two 150-inch screens, which were also live streamed during the whole campaign. People from New York, Sidney, London, Copenhagen and Buenos Aires, all showed up on the screens to show support and to preview new songs ahead of release. 

On top of the storefront a timer had been counting down from day 1. No one knew exactly what would happen when the timer reached 0 but cryptic messages on social media by Adidas and Universal Music made sure that the topic was heavily discussed.Beyond many fans wildest dreams Rebecca and Fiona had flown home from their USA tour just to perform for free from behind the glass. A perfect ending to a fun week.

I was involved in the campaign idea as well as designing everything from the campaign-site to the way images was displayed on the screen to the storefront wrap.