Tove Lo – Queen of The Clouds

Tove Lo
Queen of the Clouds

Role: Art Director & Designer
Agency: Universal Music / Creative Labs
Design front cover: Daniel Åberg, Tove Lo, Clara Tägström and Johannes Helje
Photography: Johannes Helje
Hand Lettering Chapters: Oskar Wettergren
Hand Lettering, Titles: Tove Lo

Artwork and graphic profile for the worldwide release of Tove Lo’s debut album “Queen of the Clouds”. The album was a continuation/expansion of the story fom "Truth Serum EP" and tells the story of a relationship from the start to the end. So some of the elements from the EP was kept such as the logo and the pink (although a slightly different shade of pink).

Since the album as a whole, altough still dark, had a lighter feel I didn't want to go with black so instead that was changed to a dark blue to represent the darker tones of the album.

The album is divided into 3 chapters (with a 4th chapter with bonus tracks) so I we chose different colors to represent each chapter. Yellow for "The Sex", to represent high energy and intesive. Pink for "The Love", to represent love, heart, passion and a bit more mellow in energy. Black for "The Pain", to represent depression, sadness and low energy.

The album is a very personal story and work from Tove with her writing and performing all the songs we chose to have all the song titles in the booklet written by her.

In addition to creating all the artwork I also created a graphic profile and guidlines based off the artwork that could be applied to all things related to Tove during the lifetime of the album.