Tove Lo – Truth Serum EP

Tove Lo
Truth Serum EP

Role: Art Director & Designer
Agency: Universal Music / Creative Labs
Hand Lettering: Oskar Wettergren
Photos: Etoall
Illustrations Out Of Mind Cover: Anton Ingvarsson

Before singing her own songs Tove Lo was known as songwriter writing music for other artists. But some songs she felt were too personal to give to someone else, which resulted in the Truth Serum EP.  

Before the release of the EP she had released the track "Habits" herself and had already started to gain attention so she needed a strong personal branding as well as covers.

The songs on the EP tell the story of a relationship from beginning to end and they tell the full story, both the good and the bad. The songs tell a story that some people might hide in a diary. Tove, instead, shows to the world.

There’s a darkness and rawness to it, which we wanted to be reflected in all of the graphic material. To visually reconnect to the feeling of a diary we put the lyrics in focus, which also is important giving her song writing background, to give the feeling that you’re given access to a personal diary.